The Aureus massage table, with its unique design, sumptuous cushioning and superb ergonomic features will help ensure that every massage occasion – with partner or therapist, is supremely relaxing, as well as a pleasure for the therapist to use.

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Sumptuous, Deep Foam Cushioning

Provides luxurious full-body support.Multi-layered foam to create the fine contours associated with the Aureus massage couch.

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Comfortable Breathing Recess And Face Plug

Softly supports the face allowing the user to breathe in comfort when lying face down. A beautifully sculptured face plug has been designed to harmonize with the aesthetics of the couch when lying on the back.


Supportive Integral Upper Chest Pad

When lying face down this will encourage a comfortable neck posture and thus a more relaxing and enjoyable massage. 




Shoulder Cut Outs 

This allows the arms to rest comfortably over the side of the couch when lying face down.




Beautifully Designed Sculpted Hand Rest 

Provides relaxing support for the user's forearms and hands when lying down for massage treatments. With your hands and forearms resting comfortably on the sculptured hand rest this creates a natural body posture and eliminate fatigue and pressure on the arms and shoulders. 


Side Armrests 

Create extra width and allows the user to fully relax the arms when lying on their back.

Available in 2 options:

  • Detachable for easy storage
  • Attached armrest that neatly lowers under the couch when not required - Ideal for use in a busy spa or salon. 


Curvaceous Sides 

Enable the massage provider to work with a more upright and comfortable posture, consequently reducing fatigue. 



Luxurious Feather Filled Head Pillow And Bolster Cushion 

Provides convenient additional support for the user's head and legs. (Optional Extra)