The Aureus couch is individually custom made to the specification that best suits your environment and personal needs. Please see below for the different options available. 


Upgrade to American Black Walnut, Cherry or Teak.

Polished Veneered Base 

Option to have a polished veneered base, which is shown below in Cherry.


The Aureus is made in Caledonian a beautiful soft Scottish hide from Bridge of Weir which is available in 35 stunning colours with the option to have your own colour produced if you are looking for a particular colour.  

Height Options

There are 3 types of height adjustments available for the Aureus:

Electric driven Hydraulics 

The electric option consisting of a powerful hydraulic piston in each leg maintaining the aesthetics of the Aureus massage couch.

Hand Crank drive Hydraulics

The hand crank simply lifts the couch using a handle that folds under the foot end of the couch when the operation has finished.

Manually Adjustable

 This option is available to clients who require partial adjustment by setting the legs to the desired height prior to turning onto its feet, or by having a second person carefully lifting one end at a time and then setting the legs to the height markers on the steel shafts, ensuring they are all on the same line.  

Towel Shelf

An useful and convenient addition to the couch.

Metal Finishes

The Ferrules at the top and bottom of the legs, Side Armrest Locating blocks are polished stainless steel. Custom options are available.

Foot Extension

Adds approx 152mm/6” to the length of the couch and neatly lowers under the couch when not required.  

Protective Bag 

A set of 5 protective padded bags are available to protect your investment and prevent damage when storing on board yachts, and can be embroidered with your yachts emblem or logo.

Please note: This option is not available for hydraulic couches as they are not able to be dismantled and stored.